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BANQUET CRYSTAL presents a comprehensive collection of high quality Czech glass. Distinguished by its careful selection of materials, use of modern technologies, as well as long-term production experience, the BANQUET CRYSTAL brand is a guarantee of premium crystal glass. The BANQUET CRYSTAL product range offers a wide selection of glasses in various designs and sizes and you may be certain that you will always find the perfect product, whether for informal or festive occasions.

The traditional quality of Bohemian crystal combined with pure, elegant design and tempered glass rims predestine the BANQUET CRYSTAL product assortment for use in gastronomic facilities.

With BANQUET CRYSTAL products, you will enjoy your favourite drinks to the fullest.



Characteristics:  All products are made of high quality crystal or lead crystal glass. State-of-the-art glassblowing technologies are implemented in the production process. Particular…

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