All products are made of high quality crystal or lead crystal glass. State-of-the-art glassblowing technologies are implemented in the production process.
Particular attention is given to the toughening of the upper rim with the aid of a special tempering method, which significantly prolongs the durability of the finished products.
The product range is suitable for restaurants, hotels, as well as other gastronomic or catering facilities. The products are easy to maintain and thanks to the superior quality of the processed glass, they are always ready to serve their designated purpose.
All products are available in standard industrial packaging containing 6 / 24 pieces (Degustation), 6 / 24 pieces (Bistro), and 1 / 4 pieces (cruets). The Platinum Class (Amy and Enigma) collection is delivered in 2-piece packaging covered with black fabric and with an embossed Platinum Class logo. Special packaging and logistic support is subject to individual agreement.
Each product (unless required otherwise by the customer) is marked with the BANQUET CRYSTAL registered trademark.




Renowned Czech glass by Bohemia








Superior quality crystal or lead crystal glass






Modern technologies guarantee premium quality of materials and intense shine


Tempered rims ensure long life and service in gastronomic facilities





Large and small sizes for various occasions







Wide assortment of shapes and stem lengths